What it is

A collection of IBatchItem.

Note. This object is not available on the Web Verification Station for checking rules locally.


Definition Description
Move(item : IBatchItem, position : int)

Moves the element to the specified position in the collection.

Note: This method is called for the collection where the element needs to be moved.

Note: The position parameter may take values starting from 0 and up to the size of the collection.


Name Type Access Name
Count int Read-only The number of elements in the collection

Example of the Move method

The script executes several consecutive scenarios, which result in a script for assembling sets from unsorted lists of documents:

  • Disassembles sets
  • Groups documents by type in the specified order
  • Groups documents by the specified key field
  • Assembles documents into sets with the same key field

Sample script

Download the sample here: Sample_IBatchItems_Move.zip

25.05.2023 7:55:02

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