Data Verification Station

The purpose of the Data Verification Station is to verify unreliably recognized characters. The Data Verification Operator reviews uncertain characters first in group verification mode and then in field verification mode. The Data Verification Station can work both in a local and a remote network (via the Internet). Authorization can be carried out by using a login and a password, Windows authentication or SSO authentication (for details how to set up SSO, refer to the Single Sign-On authentication section in the System Administrator’s Guide).

In group verification, the Operator is displayed groups of similar characters. The Operator should spot any incorrectly recognized characters and correct them, comparing them against the image of the corresponding field if required. If, for any reason, a character cannot be corrected, the Operator marks it as uncertain.

In field verification, the Operator is displayed fields whose value ranges are known in advance. The Operator should verify the uncertain character by examining them in their context. Two views are available in field verification: single-field display with extracted characters and multiple-field display, which shows all identical fields in the same screen.

Note: Besides the Data Verification Operator, the Data Verification Station may be accessed by the Verification Operator and Senior Verification Operator. Whichever Operator is working on the station, they can only access the data verification queue.

To start data verification:

  1. Launch the Data Verification Station by selecting Start → All Programs → ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Stations → Data Verification Station.
  2. Select the appropriate project.
  3. Click to start verification.

Note: First comes group verification, followed by field verification. If a Document Definition has no fields included in group or field verification, the document is not queued for verification.

You can enable the automatic mode of getting tasks by clicking or Task → Automatic Task Receive.

Once the data verification is over, the batch or set of documents is sent to the next processing stage which is defined by workflow settings.

If the Data Verification Operator encounters problems processing the documents, they can send the batch or documents into the Exceptions stage by clicking .

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