Barcode recognition properties

Recognition properties are set on the Recognition tab of the field properties dialog box (Properties... item in the field's shortcut menu). Correctly determined field values will considerably increase recognition quality and reduce the likelihood of errors.

In the Filling type field, select the desired recognition mode: Standard recognition, Do not recognize or Script recognition.

For the Standard recognition mode, specify the following options:

  • Code type sets the barcode type:
    select Any type to detect all types of barcodes.  
    select Any type(No Post Barcodes) to detect all types of barcodes except postal barcodes. This will speed up document recognition.
    click Select Types... to manually select specific barcode types.
    Note: Detecting barcodes of the QR Code, Aztec and DataMatrix types can slow down the performance, so select them only if barcodes of these types are present in your project. Detecting barcodes of these types must be done only if at least one Document Definition of the given type contains a fixed or flexible section that uses a 2d barcode (QR Code, Aztec or DataMatrix) or if a 2d barcode is used in a classifier loaded for the batch type.
    If Code 39 without asterisk barcodes are present in the project, this barcode type should also be specified explicitly, otherwise it is not detected.
  • Orientation specify the barcode orientation.

Specify image pre-processing settings:

  • Invert inverts image colors and brightness during recognition (this inversion is temporary and only affects recognition; original image colors will be retained in the output file).
    • Autodetect automatically detects the text color and background color and inverts them if necessary. This is the recommended setting for documents that contain both light text on a dark background and dark text on a light background.
    • Invert inverts images completely.
    • Don't invert keeps original colors (this option is enabled by default).
  • Remove texture removes texture.
  • Despeckle enable this option to remove garbage from the image.
  • Clear the garbage of specified size only enable this option if you want to remove garbage of only specified size. Specify garbage size. If this option is disabled and only the Despeckle option is enabled, the garbage size will be selected automatically.

Select the Do not recognize mode if the field cannot be recognized for some reason (for example, if the text in the field consists of fused letters), and the Operator is to enter its value manually. In this case, you do not have to configure other recognition properties because this field will not be recognized, and the Operator will be asked to enter the field value during verification.

Select the Script recognition mode if you want to use a custom recognition or initialization algorithm. For more details, see Custom recognition script.

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