What it does

Represents the result of the routing script execution.

Note. This object is not available on the Web Verification Station for checking rules locally.


Name Type Access Description
CheckSucceeded bool Read/write Specifies whether the check succeeded
DocumentComment string Read/write A comment which is added to the document in the event of successful routing
PrincipalId int Read/write

A user or user group identifier that is assigned to the document if the routing succeeds. If the document is not assigned to any principal in the routing script, the PrincipalId value is "0". The "0" value indicates that the document can be processed by any user.

For details, see IPrincipal.

Priority TProcessingPriority Read/write The priority that will be assigned to the document if the routing script returns true.
ProhibitedUserId int Read/write

Allows you to specify or get the identifier of the user who is not allowed to process the task in the following stage. By default the value is "0" which means that the task can be processed by any user.

Note: The property applies only to those tasks which are sent to a stage automatically according to a workflow scheme. If the task is sent to a stage manually, the property value is ignored.

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