Specifying identifier values

Identifiers serve to determine to which form a page belongs and are used to select a Document Definition where the batch contains several Document Definitions with the original set of anchors. In the event of simultaneous processing of several forms in a single flow, the program determines what form this page belongs to based on the location of identifiers.

If an anchor barcode or anchor text is used as an identifier, you can specify the values of such identifiers. In this case when applying a Document Definition the program will compare recognized data in the image with the value of the identifier, and the Document Definition match will be possible only if these values match.

The values of identifiers can be set in the properties dialog box of static elements on the General tab. Values of text and barcodes can be entered automatically. The Hint button is intended for this purpose.

Note: If it is possible to identify a page with absolute certainty based on the location of elements alone, you do not have to set the values. You should use this functionality only when absolutely necessary because assigning the identifier value launches the recognition module at the stage of Document Definition application, thereby slowing down the matching of Document Definitions with images.

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