Enabling operators to change variants

To enable operators to change variants assigned to documents, the administrator must create and configure a service field:

  1. Create a service field in the Document Definition.
  2. On the Data Source tab, open the Source list and select Flexible Section Variant ID. This field will display he ID of the variant assigned to a document.
  3. On the Rules tab, create a new rule of type Database Check.
  4. In the properties of the rule, specify Data Set as the source. Select he appropriate set of variants from the list.
  5. Click the Add... button and in the dialog box that opens, create a correspondence check: in  Database field specify the name of the variant and in Document field specify the field on the form that must correspond to the name of the variant. Specify correspondence parameters and click OK.
  6. From the Field where to save record ID list, select the newly created service field. Note: For more about creating and editing rules, see Rule validation.
  7. Add a control element of type "Button" to the form (Form → Insert Control → Button).
  8. In the properties of the button, click the Format tab, specify Database Lookup as the type of action and select the newly created rule from the list.

When working with a document, the operator will see the ID of the variant assigned to the document by the system. To view all the available variants and select a different variant for the current document, the operator must click the button created by the administrator as described above. This button will open a dialog box where the operator can see a list of available variants and create new ones.

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