Exporting and importing classifiers

In order to use a classifier in other FlexiCapture projects, you need to export it. To do this, select Export Classifier...either on the Classification Training menu or on the shortcut menu of the batch.

In the window that opens, choose which format you want the classifier file to be saved in:

  • ABBYY FlexiCapture Classifier Files (*.cfl) – Select this format if you need to use the classifier in a different FlexiCapture project. If you need to the export images along with the classifier, make sure that the Export Images option is selected. You must export the images if you need to train your classifier. Note: Class mapping is not preserved during export. When importing a classifier to a new project, you will need to remap your existing classes to their appropriate Document Definition sections.
  • ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio Classifier Project Files (*.fcp) – Select this format if you need to use the classifier in FlexiLayout Studio.

FlexiLayout Studio provides additional tools for customizing classification through the use of rules and also allows the user to anonymize the training batch if the batch documents are confidential or contain personal information.

Once you have finished editing the classifier with FlexiLayout Studio tools, the classifier can be exported into a CFL file and subsequently imported into a FlexiCapture project.

To add a classifier to a FlexiCapture project, do the following:

  1. Open the project.
  2. Switch to the Classifier Training Batches view by either clicking the appropriate toolbar or selecting Classifier Training Batches on the View menu (or by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B).
  3. Create a new batch if necessary.
  4. Right-click the batch and select Properties....
  5. On the Classification tab, and click Load....
  6. Choose the CFL file containing your classifier.

Note: If you need to import the images along with your classifier, make sure that they are located in the same folder as the classifier file. If anonymized images are used, you will need to select Use Anonymized Images for Training on the Classification Training menu after adding the classifier. The images will not be displayed in the batch, but will nevertheless be used for classifier training.

If you need to use multiple classifiers at once, you will need to set up a classification script (see Document Classification Script for details).

Note: If multiple classifier batches are specified in a classification script, the auto-learning feature will be disabled.

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