Select Batch Types Storage Dialog Box

This dialog box allows selecting a folder to store XML-files with batch types descriptions. This dialog box opens during batch types sending and import (see Batch Types).

An XML-file with a batch type description can be stored locally, on the same computer with the Scanning Station, or on a remote server. Select either Local file or Remote.

For a local file, specify the path in the Path field. Click Browse... to find the desired location.

For a remote file, specify the path in http://server[/file.xml] format.

Note. To work with a tenant's project, you will need to add the tenant's name to the server's address. The address needs to look like this: http://<server_name>#<tenant_name> (example: http://localhost#tenant).

When sending batch types, you can select the option Distribute these batch types to all Scanning Stations. If this option is selected, all scanning stations bound to the server will attempt to load batch types data from the server at startup. If the option is deselected, the scanning stations do not address the server to receive batch types from it.

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