Page Size Control

You can configure the resolution, the vertical and horizontal size of pages in the batch. If page parameters don't correspond to the ones specified, it will be marked with a yellow warning triangle in the Batches window. To view the warning, open the Page Properties dialog box.

You can control page parameters both for separate batches and for group of batches of the same type. In the former case, the settings can be configured on the Page Size Control tab of the Options dialog box. In the latter case, the same can be done during batch type creation in the Batch Type Wizard or after that on the Page Size Control tab of the Batch Type Properties dialog box.

Configure the necessary parameters by selecting and adjust the value ranges.

Option Description
Resolution Allows controlling resolution in dots per inch (dpi).
Vertical size Allows controlling the vertical size of the image in pixels.
Horizontal size Allows controlling the horizontal size of the image in pixels.

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