What it does

Represents an exportable batch. The object is represented in scripts with the keyword "this".

Definition Description
CalcExportedPageCount () : int Calculates the number of exported pages
NotifyProcessingProgress (itemsProcessed: int, itemsRemained: int) Displays a notification about the export progress
CheckCanceled () Check if the user cancelled the export task. If the task is cancelled, an exception is returned.
NewPageRect () : IPageRect Defines a rectangle of the page
NewImageSavingOptions () : IImageSavingOptions Sets image saving options
Name Type Access Description
ScriptEnvInfo string Read-only

Environmental information about conditions on which the script is triggered.

In the event of export, this is an export task ID.

Result IScriptResult Read-only The result of the script execution
Type IBatchType Read-only The type of the batch
SourceID string Read-only The station identifier
Name string Read-only The name of the batch
Priority int Read-only The priority of the batch
PageCount int Read-only The total number of pages in the batch
Children IExportBatchItems Read-only Child items
RegistrationProperties IExportRegistrationProperties Read-only Registration properties of the batch
ResultPath string Read/write The resultant export path
ScriptProperties IScriptProperties Read-only Script properties
Attachments IExportAttachments Read-only Attachments

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