Differences Between the Administrator Mode and the Operator Mode

Scanning Stations can run in one of two modes: the Administrator mode and the Operator mode.

The Administrator mode allows creating, editing, importing and exporting batch types.

In the Operator mode, batch types can only be imported, and batch type settings cannot be changed. The Unsorted predefined batch type is not available in this mode.

The mode in which a Scanning Station will run is determined by batch type settings. If the default settings are used, the Station will run in the Administrator mode, but only the default batch type will be available. If password-protected batch type settings are imported from a file, the Scanning Station will run in the Operator mode unless the user provides the password.

The Operator mode does not require a password.

Note. The permissions granted to a user on the Administration and Monitoring Console have no bearing the availability of the Administrator mode to that user.

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