What it does

Stores information about the actions carried out during the script execution. This information can be used, if the script is recalled.

Definition Description
Has (name: string): bool Checks whether an array of script properties contains a specified property
Set (name: string, value: string) Sets the name and the value of a property
Delete (name: string) Deletes a specified property
DeleteAll ( ) Deletes all properties
Name Type Access Description
Names VARIANT Read-only The array of properties names specified by user
IsEmpty bool Read-only Specifies whether the array of script properties is empty
Value (name: string) bool Read/write The property value. In scripts you can address the "Name" parameter of the property both with and without the word "Value". Instead of "Value" you can use parentheses. So you can write params( "Name" ) = "newValue" instead of params.Value( "Name" ) = "newValue"

1/14/2021 2:17:19 PM

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