Working with Batches, Documents, and Pages

Images of scanned documents are put in batches. Typically a batch will contain images of documents scanned in one go.

A batch may contain documents and separate page i,ages. When you first launch the program, an empty batch with the default name is created.

Batches and documents can be created automatically during scanning. To set up the application to separate images into batches and/or documents automatically and specify the naming rules to be used, make the necessary settings on the Batch Options tab of the Options dialog box. Automatic batch and document separation and naming rules can be specified for batch types in the Batch Type Wizard (when creating a batch type) or on the Batch Options tab of the Batch Type Properties dialog box (after a batch type has been created).

To create a new document or a new batch, or to rearrange the images in a batch manually, follow the instructions below:

To create a new empty batch

To change the name of a batch or document

To create a new document

To specify a document type

To disassemble a document

To automatically separate a batch into documents after scanning

To move a page

To delete a batch, document, or page

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