Pages moved

Note: Pages can be moved during the document assembly as well.

What it does

The handler of this event can be used if you need to do some manipulation on the new document based on the source documents, for example, to save the merged registration parameters.

If one document is fully embedded into another one, then in the Pages array its pages will go in succession and in the same order as they go in the target document.

Note: After merging pages the layout of the target document can change.

When it is launched

The script is launched prior to moving pages from one document to another.


Name Type Access Description
Batch IBatch Internal* fields of batch documents and pages are unavailable The batch
InsertionPosition int Read-only The position in the document where pages are inserted
Pages IPages Read-only The array of pages being moved
TargetDocument IDocument Read/write The target document pages are moved into

* - The internal field requires loading the object into memory.

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