What it does

Represents a control of the document field.

Important! The object returns null for fields not involved in distributed verification.


Name Type Access Description
DeviceRect IShellRect Read-only The rectangle of the control
Field IField Read-only The document field
FieldFullName string Read-only The full name of the field
FieldRegionControls IFieldRegionControls Read-only

The collection of field regions of the document.

For fields, that do not have regions, null is returned.

First IFieldControl Read-only The first child control
FormWindow IFormWindow Read-only The form window
IsExpandable bool Read-only

If the property is set to true, the field can be expanded and collapsed on the form. This property allows you to check whether the field is expandable before applying the IsExpanded property to it.

For group fields, the property is true.

IsExpanded bool Read/write Retrieves information whether the group field is expanded. Allows you to collapse/expand the field.
IsUserReadOnly bool Read/write

Specifies whether the field is editable.

If the property is set to true, editing the field is not allowed.

If the property is set to false, the possibility to edit the field depends on the Document Definition settings.

Last IFieldControl Read-only The last child control
Next IFieldControl Read-only The next control
Parent IFieldControl Read-only The parent control
Prev IFieldControl Read-only The previous control
TextEditor ITextEditor Read-only The field editor. For inactive fields, null is returned.

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