What it does

The window for displaying documents in Thumbnails View or in Details View.


Definition Description
EnsureRectVisible( imageRect : IShellRect ) Moves the scroll box to make the specified rectangle visible
FindDocumentItem( document : IDocument ) : IDocumentItem Retrieves IDocumentItem by the IDocument object of ControllerInterop
FindPageItem( page : IPage ) : IPageItem

Retrieves IPageItem by the IPage object of ControllerInterop.

Note: If the IDocumentItem, that contains the IPageItem you are looking for is collapsed (i.e. if Expanded=false), no IPageItem will be found.


Name Type Access Description
ClientRect IShellRect Read-only

The rectangle of the client area (in window coordinates).

Coordinates of the left upper corner of the main window are (0, 0).

Docking TDockingType Read/write The position of IDocumentsWindow in the document editor
FocusedItem IDocumentItem Read-only Focused document.  If the focus is placed  on a page, the property returns the document containing this page.
Handle int Read-only The handle of the window
Items IDocumentItems Read-only The collection of documents
Ratio IShellRational Read/write The ratio of the window size to the size of the parent window
ScrollPos IPoint Read/write The position of the scroll box
SelectedItems IDocumentItems Read-only Selected documents
TaskWindow ITaskWindow Read-only The task window
TotalRect IShellRect Read-only The rectangle of the whole window

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