Verification properties

Verification is checking of captured data by an Operator. The program will highlight unreliably recognized characters in red and ask the Operator to confirm or correct them, displaying them together with their original images. You can also set up the program to submit certain fields for verification even if there are no unreliably recognized characters in them. Or you can set up the program not to submit certain fields for verification even if they contain unreliably recognized characters.

By default, all fields described in a Document Definition are submitted for verification.

You can configure the verification parameters for a field on the Verification tab of the Properties dialog box of the field.

If a field should be verified, keep the Requires verification option selected and then choose how characters should be displayed to the Verification Operator:

  • Do not highlight characters - Unreliably recognized characters will not be highlighted.
  • Highlight characters if confidence level is less than - Only those characters will be highlighted whose confidence level is less than the threshold value specified in this field (possible values are 40%, 60%, and 80%).
  • Highlight all characters - All unreliably recognized characters will be highlighted.

Group verification

If group verification is required, select the Send to group verification option. Next, specify what characters should be submitted for group verification. You have a choice of two options:

  • Highlighted characters only
  • All characters

Select a character set to submit for group verification:

  • Digits only
  • Custom

If required, modify the custom character set by clicking Modify... and typing the necessary characters in the Group Verification Charset dialog box.

Field verification

If field verification is required, select the Send to field verification option. Next, specify when the field should be submitted for field verification:

  • Always
    The field will always be submitted for field verification, regardless of the percentage of unreliably recognized characters or format errors. During verification, the field will be highlighted with a wavy red line.
  • If field has single field rule errors or if percentage of highlighted characters in field is greater than or equal to
    The field will be marked as requiring field verification if it contains format errors or if the field verification threshold has been reached. The field verification threshold is the percentage of uncertain characters in a field, that, once reached, indicates that the field requires verification. If you specify a threshold value of 0%, the field will be submitted for field verification if it contains at least one highlighted character. You can enter values in this field manually or click the arrow buttons on the right to increment or decrement it by 10%.

Field verification of a group of fields

If the field should be submitted for field verification as part of a group of fields, specify the name of the group in the Name of field group field. You will also need to check the Group fields on Field Verification option on the Verification tab of the Project Properties dialog box.

Double verification

If the field should be verified independently by two Operators, select the Requires double verification option.

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