Text field recognition options

Recognition properties can be specified on the Recognition tab of the field properties dialog box (click the Properties... item on the field's shortcut menu to open the properties dialog box). Correctly determined field values will improve recognition quality and reduce the likelihood of errors.

In the Filling type field, select the desired recognition mode:

  • Standard recognition
    Select this mode for regular document fields. For details, see Standard recognition options.
  • Do not recognize
    Select this mode if the field cannot be recognized for some reason (for example, if the text in the field consists of fused letters), and the Operator is to enter its value manually. In this case, you do not have to configure other recognition properties because this field will not be recognized, and the Operator will be asked to enter the field value during verification.
  • Script recognition
    Select this mode if you want to use a custom recognition or initialization algorithm. For more details, see Custom recognition script.
  • Handwritten text recognition
    Select this mode for fields containing handwritten or hand-printed text.

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