Data types for checkmark groups

The data type for a checkmark group can be set on the Data tab of the field properties dialog box.

  • Allow empty selection Enable this option if at least one checkmark in the group must be selected. In this case, if no checkmark in the group has been selected, the program will display a relevant warning.
  • Allow multiple selection Enable this option to allow selection of multiple checkmarks in the group. If this option is disabled, the program will display a warning when several checkmarks in the group have been selected.
  • Treat validation error as warning Select this option if you wish any non-compliance with the constraints you specified to be treated as a warning. Warnings do not prevent the Operator from sending documents to the next processing stage, while for uncorrected format errors, an additional confirmation from the Operator is required before sending.
  • Number of checkmarks in row Here you can specify the number of checkmarks to display in each row, so that during field verification the checkmarks on the data form are arranged exactly as they appear on the image. This may speed up verification, as the checkmarks will be easier to collate. If you leave the default value of 1, the checkmarks on the data form will be displayed in one column.
    Note: If the number of checkmarks you specify does not fit in one row on the data form, they will be carried over on to the next line.
  • Export as number If this options is selected, a check is carried out that all checkmarks are numbers. If several checkmarks are selected, the sum of checkmark values can be exported. The value of a checkmark group is available from scripts by using the Value property of the IField interface.

To change the name of a checkmark, select the line you need and click Edit.... In the dialog box that opens, provide a new name for the checkmark field and a new name to be assigned to the checkmark during export.

You can define the values to be exported for cases when no checkmark fields are selected and for cases when more than one checkmark fields are selected. To do this, select either <No item selected> or <Multiple items...> from the list, click Edit... and in the dialog box that opens specify the desired value in the Exported value field. If no export values are specified: a) an empty string is exported if no checkmark fields are selected, and b) if several fields are selected, the values of the selected checkmark fields are specified (separated by commas), or, if the Export as number options is selected, a check is carried out that all checkmarks are numbers, and the sum of checkmark values is exported.

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