Verification of recognized data

Verification, or checking of recognized data, is the most labor-intensive part of the Operator's work. In the ABBYY products, the verification procedure has been designed with the human Operator in mind, taking into account the relevant human cognitive and motor abilities (habit formation, use of acquired skills, and integrity and purpose of visual perception).

Whenever the program is uncertain about a character, it marks it as unreliably recognized. The purpose of the verification process is to verify such characters and correct them where necessary.

Rule validation is performed automatically. Fields whose values satisfy the rule conditions may be marked as reliably recognized and excluded from the verification process. Fields whose values do not satisfy the rule conditions should be submitted for verification.

For multipage documents, you must first check the assembly of pages into documents. For document sets, you must first check the assembly of documents into document sets.

Once the assembly checks are done, you can start verifying the data. Verification is a two-stage process consisting of group verification and field verification. If the Document Definition has no fields included in group or field verification (see Verification properties), the corresponding verification stage will be skipped.

The group and field verification stages are followed by reviewing the data in the document window. The characters that were not confirmed at the earlier stages remain highlighted in red.

You can navigate the errors by clicking the and buttons on the main window toolbar. The program will display all types of errors, including assembly errors, uncertainly recognized characters, rule errors, etc.

Assembling pages into documents

Verification in the document window

Rule validation

Group verification

Field verification

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