Correcting recognition errors

During verification, invoices with the Exception or Rejected status are checked and errors are corrected. To begin verifying an invoice, double-click it to open the document editor window.

The document editor window is split into three panes: the page image, the data form, and the errors pane (this pane is only displayed if there are errors in the invoice). There are four types of error: assembly errors, format errors, rule errors, and missing field region errors. To display errors of a certain type, click the corresponding button in the top right corner of the errors pane (you can select any combination of error types).

The shortcut menu in the data form lets you confirm the value of a field, choose to display or hide format errors, go to the next or previous object that needs verification, and change the field navigation mode.

Fields whose values do not satisfy the specified data type or rules are highlighted. To confirm the value of a field, place the cursor inside this field and press Enter.

To specify a field region that was not found automatically, complete the following steps.

  1. In the data form, place the mouse pointer in the field that contains the region you want to specify.
  2. Specify the region:
    • Click a recognized region (such regions are highlighted in blue)
    • Draw the region by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse pointer from the top left corner of the region you want to specify to its bottom right corner.
      Note: If you do not select a field prior to selecting or drawing the region, a dialog box with a list of fields will open. Select the desired field in that dialog box.

If the Administrator created a database of vendors and/or business units, you can select a record from this database (for details, see Looking up vendors and business units in the database).

Adding tax groups

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices extracts values from fields that belong to two tax groups. If there are three or more tax groups in your invoices (e.g. if there are three or four tax rates), you can add them to the data form and enter their values manually.

In the data form, click Add 'Additional Tax Groups' item below Amounts → Tax Details → Additional Tax Groups and enter the field values manually as described above. Once you have completed these fields, the invoice amount will be recalculated.

Note: Completed fields of additional tax groups are not used when training the program to capture data.

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