Index fields

To find necessary documents faster, you can index your documents using the values of certain fields in the Document Definition. This will enable you to display the values of the respective index fields in the documents list in the main program window and sort the documents by index field value. You can also use index fields to display links to existing fields (e.g. in the summary section).

To index by field values, enable the option Index field for this field (General tab in the Document Definition editor).

To display the value of the index field in the document list:

  • In the main program window, open a batch of documents and enable the detailed documents list mode (button on the toolbar).
  • Right-click in the table header region (column names) and select Customize... from the drop-down list.
  • In the Choose Columns dialog box, click the New... button.
  • In the Edit Column dialog box, click the Select... button to the right of the Index Field. In the dialog box that opens, select one of the fields with the enabled option Index field. You can also enter any column name and specify the justification method.
  • Another column with the index field value will appear in the table. Click on it to sort documents by the value of the index field.

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