What it does

Represents the image window.


Definition Description
EnsureRectVisible( imageRect : IShellRect ) Moves the scroll box to make the specified rectangle visible


Name Type Access Description
ClientRect IShellRect Read-only

The rectangle of the client area (in window coordinates).

The coordinates of the left upper corner of the main window are (0, 0).

If the size of the client area is smaller than the size of the TotalRect, the image window will have scrollbars.

Docking TDockingType Read/write The position of IImageWindow relative to IFormWindow in the document editor
DocumentEditor IDocumentEditor Read-only The document editor
FirstPage IPageControl Read-only The first page
Handle int Read-only The handle of the window
ImageScale IShellRational Read/write The image scale. The range of admissible values is from 1/8 to 8.
IsDocked bool Read/write Specifies whether the image window is docked
LastPage IPageControl Read-only The last page
Ratio IShellRational Read/write

The ratio of the size of the IImageWindow window (numerator) to the size of the IDocumentEditor window (denominator).

If the Docking property value is DT_Top or DT_Bottom, the ratio between the y-extents is measured.

Otherwise, the ratio between the x-extents is measured.

ScrollPos IPoint Read/write The position of the scroll box
ShowBWImages bool Read/write Specifies whether to show a black-and-white image
ShowToolbar IShellRational Read/write Specifies whether to show the toolbar
TotalRect IShellRect Read-only The rectangle of the area occupied by all page images

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