Fields without a region

Field may have no region on the image. Names of fields without a region are marked with a red asterisk in the list. Such fields may be used to store intermediate results of calculations performed with the values of fields being recognized. For example, you can combine the values of several fields with the help of the field values merge rule and save the result to a field without a region.

Fields without a region have all the properties of the field type they belong to. The values of such fields can also be exported.

There are two ways to create a field without a region:

  1. In the Document Definition editor window, select the menu item Edit → Create Field and create a field of the required type. The field name will appear in the list marked with an asterisk. In this case, the program creates a field in the document structure, but does not create its region on the image.
  2. Another way is to delete the region of an ordinary field. Highlight the required field on the image or in the list and select Delete Region from the shortcut menu. The region will be deleted and the field name will be marked with a red asterisk.

To create a region for fields that do not have a region on the image, select on the toolbar and highlight the required region with your cursor. If the list contains fields marked with an asterisk, the program will ask you to select the name of one such field.

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