What it does

Stores image saving options.

Name Type Access Description
AddProperFileExt bool Read/write If the value is set to "true", the extension is set according to the image format during image saving.
Codec string Read/write

Codec. The property can be specified when saving images as TIFF or non-black and white PDF only. Admissible values: "CCITT4Fax", "Zip", "Lzw", "Packbits", "Jpg", "J2k", "None". Strings are not sensitive to the letter case.

Important! This property can only be specified if you are saving to TIFF, non-black-and-white PDF or non-black-and-white PDF/A. Codec cannot be applied when saving to black-and-white PDF, black-and-white PDF-A, BMP, JPG, JPG2000, PNG, DCX and PCX.

For details, see Possible Combinations of Formats, Color Modes and Codecs.

ColorType string Read/write Color scheme. Admissible values: "FullColor", "GrayScale", "BlackAndWhite". Strings are not sensitive to the letter case.
Format string Read/write

Image saving format. Admissible expressions: "tif", "dcx", "jpg", "bmp", "jpg2000", "pcx", "png", "pdf", "pdfa".

Strings are not sensitive to the letter case.

PdfAStandard string Read/write Level and version of the PDF/A format. Possible values: "1a", "1b", "2a", "2b", "2u", "3a", "3b" and "3u".
Quality int Read/write Image quality for JPEG-compression (in percentage terms)
Rect IPageRect Read/write The area being saved
ShouldOverwrite bool Read/write Specifies whether to overwrite an existing file
UseRawImage bool Read/write Reverts an image to its original state.

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