Processing Documents

Depending on your processing needs, scanned documents can be placed into a single batch or into several batches.

All batches belong to a particular batch type.

A batch type is a collection of settings that determine how a document will be scanned, processed, and exported.

To process a batch, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a new batch
    Select the batch type in the Selected batch type field on the toolbar. To create a batch of the selected type, select menu File → New Batch or press Ctrl+N.  If the batch type properties require that its registration parameters be entered, you will be prompted to enter the registration parameters.
    Note. Depending on the batch type settings a new batch can be created automatically when scanning starts or after certain number of pages have been scanned.
  2. Start the scanning process
    On the toolbar, select the newly created batch type to make it current. To start scanning, click the Scan button on the toolbar.
  3. Export the scanned documents
    Once the scanning is finished, export the documents by clicking the Send To button on the toolbar. If the batch type settings require that you check the batch before export, you will not be able to export the batch unless it meets certain requirements (e.g. if required registration parameters are missing).

Batches have several processing settings you can edit. See Processing Images Using Global Settings for details.

For instructions on how to edit batches, documents, and pages, see Working with Batches, Documents and Pages.

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