Scanning Images

The application may acquire images either directly from a scanner or load them from a folder by means of a virtual scanner. To acquire images, you must select a scanner source and start the scanning process. During scanning, you can monitor the quality of the images and interrupt scanning or rescan defective images if necessary.

Scanner source

Initiating the scanning process

Stopping the scanning process

Inserting scanned pages into a batch

Rescanning pages

Scanning Tips

You can set the scanning options in the built-in scanning dialog box or in the scanner driver dialog box. For more information about the dialog box, see Selecting the Scanning Interface.

Place your documents face down on the scanner, making sure they are properly adjusted. Skewed images may be converted incorrectly.

Conversion quality depends on the quality of the original document and scanning parameters. Poor image quality may have an adverse effect on the quality of conversion. Be sure to select the scanning parameters appropriate for your document.

More information about some of the scanning options is available in these sections

Tuning Brightness

Selecting the optimal resolution

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