What it does

Represents a document in the documents window.


Name Type Access Description
Collection IDocumentItems Read-only The collection that contains the document
Document IDocument Read-only The document
Expanded bool Read/write Specifies whether the document is expanded
MarkedNextStage IStageInfo Read-only The next stage to which the document will be sent after the task is complete.
PageItems IPageItems Read-only The collection of pages included in the document
Rect IShellRect Read-only The rectangle of the document in the IDocumentsWindow
Selected bool Read/write Specifies whether the document is selected
TaskDocument bool Read-only Specifies whether the document belongs to the current task
TaskWindow ITaskWindow Read-only The task window

Note: For the Thumbnails view mode, the Expanded property value is always true. Setting the property to false does not result in errors, but the value will remain true.

Note: If the document is collapsed, the DocumentItem.PageItems.Count property returns "0".

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