What it does

Represents the batch.

Note. Some methods and properties of this object are not available on the Web Verification Station for checking rules locally. The methods and properties that are not supported are marked with an asterisk (*).


Important! The methods below require permissions for changing the batch structure. These methods can be called only from the batch processing script.

Definition Description
CleanRecognitionResults( document : IDocument ) * Deletes recognition results for the document.
CreateDocumentFromPage( targetPosition : int, page : IPage ): IDocument *

Takes a page from the document and creates a new document from that page. In the targetPosition parameter, specify an index for the new document in the batch. The index must be a number between 0 and N, N being the total number of documents in the batch.

When the CreateDocumentFromPage method is called:

  • The documents having indexes from 0 to targetPosition – 1 will remain in their original positions.
  • The documents having indexes from targetPosion to N will be moved one position forward.
  • The new document will be placed in the vacated targetPosition.

Note: If the document becomes empty after the page is removed, it will be deleted.


CreatePageFromImage( page : IPictureObject, [optional] target : IDocument, [optional] position : int, [optional] sourceInfo : string ) : IPage *

Creates a page from the IPictureObject object and returns the created page:

  • If a target document is specified, the page is added to this document. To create a one-page document, specify null as a target document.
  • If a position is specified, the page is added to the specified position of the document (if a target document is specified). Otherwise a one-page document is added to the specified position of the batch (if null is specified as a target document). The initial position corresponds to "0," the end of the document or batch corresponds to "-1."
  • If the sourceInfo parameter is specified it is written into the information about the page source. Otherwise, information about the page source is received from IPictureObject.
DeleteDocument( document : IDocument ) * Deletes the document.
DeletePage( page : IPage ) * Deletes the page.
MoveDocument( source : IDocument, targetPosition : int ) * Moves the document to the specified position in the batch.
MovePage( source : IDocument, target : IDocument, sourcePageIndex : int, int targetPageIndex : int ) * Moves the page with the sourcePageIndex index from the source document to the targetPageIndex position in the target document.


Name Type Access Description
AsBatchItem * IBatchItem Read-only Converts the batch into an IBatchItem object.  
Attachments IUserAttachments Read-only User attachments.
BatchTypeName string Read-only The name of the batch type.
Comment string Read/write The comment.
CreatedBy IPrincipal Read-only

The author of the newly created batch.

CreationDate DateTime Read-only The time when the batch was created.
Documents IDocuments Read-only Documents the batch consists of
Id int Read-only The batch identifier (unique within the project).
Name string Read/write The name of the batch.
Priority TProcessingPriority Read/write The priority of the batch.
Project IProject Read-only The project containing the batch.
Properties IProperties Read-only Named parameters of the batch.
SLAExpirationDate DateTime Read/write Processing deadline of the batch.
SlaStartDate DateTime Read-only The time when processing of the batch started.
SlaWarningPeriod * Int Read/write The starting time of the period during which a warning about the task's approaching deadline will be displayed. Specified in minutes remaining until the deadline.
StageInfo IStageInfo Read-only Returns the IStageInfo object with information about the document's processing stage. The TaskId and PrincipalId fields are not used.

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