ABBYY Compare Documents

ABBYY Compare Documents is a universal software solution that allows you to compare two different versions of the same document in different formats.

ABBYY Compare Documents lets you detect significant inconsistencies in the text and helps prevent the approval or publication of the wrong version of a document.

Main features

  • Compare documents that are in different formats. You can compare a Microsoft Word document with its PDF version, a scan with its ODT version, and any other combination of formats that are supported by ABBYY FineReader PDF.
  • Examine the differences in a handy side-by-side view. Clicking a difference in the results pane will immediately highlight the corresponding fragment in both versions.
  • View only substantial changes such as deleted, added or edited text. Minor differences in formatting, fonts, spaces, and tabs will be ignored.
  • Save documents as Microsoft Word files where the differences will be shown using the Track Changes feature.
    Note: a saved document is a recognized version of the original document, meaning that there can be visual differences and recognition errors. Hence, a document of this type should only be used for viewing the differences.
  • Save documents as PDF files, with each difference marked with a comment.
  • Save comparison results as a Microsoft Word table containing the differences.

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