Command line parameters for converting documents

To begin converting a document into an editable format, execute the following command:

FineReaderOCR.exe <ImageSourceCommands> <RecognitionCommands> <ExportCommands>


The path to the FineReaderOCR.exe file in the program installation folder.

If the full path contains spaces, put it in quotation marks.

<ImageSourceCommands> - source documents for recognition ImageFiles

The path to the image file or the PDF document.

You can specify several files by separating them using spaces. If the full path contains spaces, put it in quotation marks.

/scan [SourceName]

Gets an image from the scanner. SourceName is the name of the scanner.

If SourceName is not specified, the most recent scanner is used by default. If the scanner name contains spaces, put it in quotation marks.

<RecognitionCommands> - recognition parameters /lang LangName

LangName is the recognition language.  

If LangName is not specified, the most recent language is used by default. You can specify several recognition languages by separating them with spaces.

For a list of supported command line recognition languages, see LangName parameter values for the command line.

You can specify a custom recognition language if it is saved in the OCR project folder. To do so, place two "@" symbols before its name, e.g. "@@ UserLang". A custom language name cannot contain non-alphanumeric symbols like "!" or "@".

<ExportCommands> - recognition results export /send Target

Target is the name of an external application, to which the recognition results will be sent. Replace "Target" with one of the following:

  • MSWord - Microsoft Word;
  • MSExcel - Microsoft Excel;    
  • OpenOffice - Apache OpenOffice;
  • Mail - your email application (results are in Microsoft Word format);
  • Clipboard - the clipboard;
  • WebBrowser - your default web browser;
  • PDFViewer - your default PDF viewer;
  • PowerPoint - Microsoft PowerPoint.

Sample command:

“C:\Program Files\ABBYY FineReader 16\FineReaderOCR.exe” D:\Documents\Guide_German.pdf /lang German /send MSWord

The above command will use the OCR Editor to convert and open the German-language Guide_German.pdf file in Microsoft Word.

To find out more about automatically saving your conversion results, see Using the command line to save the conversion results on program launch.

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