What it does

Types of document states. Used in the event Document state changed. The ChangedState parameter of this event can be used to get information on possible changes of each state type.

Admissible values:

  • ST_Preprocessed = 0 - Whether the document is preprocessed. The value can be changed only from false to true.
  • ST_Analyzed = 1 - Whether the document is analyzed
  • ST_Recognized = 2 - Whether the document is recognized (a document is considered recognized if there is at least one recognized section in it)
  • ST_HasErrors = 3 - Whether the document has errors (including format errors)
  • ST_Assembled = 4 - Whether the document is assembled
  • ST_Verifyed = 5 - Whether the document is verified completely
  • ST_Exported = 6 - Whether the document is exported
  • ST_HasLayout = 7 - Whether the document has a layout. (In analyzed document a layout can also be missing, e.g., if the page has an unknown type.)

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