Document Definition Wizard

To create a new Document Definition or to create a document set from already enabled Document Definitions, select Project  Document Definitions... on the main menu and then click New.... Next, select what kind of documents you need to process.


Forms are documents with a fixed layout, i.e. the fields are positioned identically on all copies, each of which is an exact replica of the master form created by a designer.

How to create a Document Definition for forms

Semi-structured or unstructured documents

In the case of semi-structured and unstructured documents, the field layout may vary from document to document. To extract fields from this kind of documents, a FlexiLayout will be used. Additionally, Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies may be used to extract fields from unstructured documents.

How to create a Document Definition for semi-structured or unstructured documents

Documents that do not require automatic data extraction

These are documents that do not require automatic field detection. OCR technology may be employed to make full-text searches possible or the documents may be left unrecognized.

The aim of processing such documents is to digitize them and make them searchable by users, who will carry out searches based on the value of the key fields. For details, see the Document Definitions without field extraction section.

How to create a Document Definition for documents that do not required automatic data extraction

Document set

A document set is a collection of logically related documents. For a document set, a Document Definition is created that includes other Document Definitions and, optionally, a summary section with information gathered from the documents in the set. For details, see the Creating and setting up document sets section.

How to create a Document Definition for a document set

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