Document sets

Many business processes use documents that are all related to one another because they serve some common purpose. In ABBYY FlexiCapture, documents of this sort can be grouped together into document sets. Examples include personal loan applications and insurance reports.

A typical document set often includes an application form and some accompanying documents. In most cases, each document in a document set can be examined independently and belongs to a separate document type, such as questionnaire, passport, bank statement, etc. To make sure that a complete set of documents has been submitted, we need to identify the type of each document in the set. Then data can be captured from the documents in the set and compared against a database, or documents can be checked for signatures and company seals.

Note: A document set may contain documents from which no data should be captured. Such documents do not require optical recognition, but their type still needs to be detected to make sure that no documents are missing from the document set.

Document sets may be grouped into larger batches. An inventory list of documents may be provided with each batch.

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