Export completed

What it does

Export results are passed to this script as input parameters.

When it is launched

The script is launched after the export task is completed. If the Process entire batches option is selected for the Export stage, the task will contain all documents of the batch. If the option is deselected, the number of documents in the task can vary from one document to all documents of the batch. The script is launched irrespective of the export result (whether it succeeded or failed). This is the main difference of this script from the event Document state changed.

If some export targets are omitted (as the document has been exported to those targets earlier), then for the corresponding export results, the value of the Applied flag will be false.


Name Type Access Description
ExportResults IDocumentsExportResults Read-only. Internal* fields of batch documents and pages are unavailable. Export results for all documents and all export targets
Processing IProcesingCallback Read/write The object for logging the information about processing

* - The internal field requires loading the object into memory.

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