Using data set to improve detection

Sometimes, vendors can be more reliably detected if you accumulate and use a data set of possible vendors. Such a data set will also allow users to specify custom expense types for certain vendors. For example, if company employees usually buy office supplies and stationery from a particular vendor, you can specify “Office Supplies” as the expense type for this vendor. Now for all captured receipts from this vendor, the expense type will be automatically changed to “Office Supplies.”

The fields and rules for data set checks are disabled by default. To enable them, complete the steps below.

  1. In the Document Definition Editor, enable the following fields by clicking Show on verification on the General tab of the field properties dialog box: VendorID_Dataset, VendorName_Dataset, VendorExpenseType_Dataset, and FinalExpenseType.
  2. In the Document Definition Properties dialog box, enable the following rules: Vendor Database Check, Copy Expense Type, and Copy Company Name.
  3. To be able to look up vendors during verification, add a button onto the data form (right-click on the form and select Insert Button on the shortcut menu or click Form → Insert Control → Button). In the dialog box that opens, click the Format tab and specify Database Lookup as the type of action and then select the Vendor Database Check rule.
  4. Save and publish your Document Definition.

The names of vendors will be automatically added to the data set each time the program detects a new name on a receipt. As your data set of vendors grows, the program will be able to detect vendors more reliably.

To edit the vendor data set or to find a particular vendor during verification, click the button that you added onto the data form and then click the Edit record, Add record, Reset data or Select button, depending on the action you want to perform (for more information, see Looking up vendors and business units in the database). When adding or editing a record, you can specify an expense type typical of the given vendor. Next time a user captures a receipt from this vendor, this expense type will appear in the Expense type (Final) field.

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