What it does

A collection of IAssemblingError objects.

Can be modified in the document assembly script only.


Definition Description
AddCustomError( description : string, [optional] weight : int ) Adds a custom assembling error.
AddRedundantPageError( int position, [optional] description ) Adds an error concerning an extra page.
AddSectionOmittedError( int position, sectionName : string, [optional] description ) Adds an error concerning a missing section.

Important! The AddCustomError method should be used with caution and only if there are no other suitable methods. As document assembly is fully determined by the number of errors, the error weight must be set correctly when adding such errors. And setting the weight correctly can cause difficulties.

It is recommended not to combine several standard errors in one CustomError that will produce one common error message.

12.04.2024 18:16:02

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