Exporting pictures

In a Document Definition, you can select export settings for each picture. To select picture export settings, right click the desired field, select Properties..., and then click the Export tab. You can select any of the following options:

  • File type.
  • Quality: For TIFF, JPEG, and JPEG2000 files, you can select the quality of the resulting file, from best to low.
  • Color type: Color, grayscale, black and white.

You can also set the resolution of the resulting picture: selecting Change resolution to and either type in the desired resolution or select it from the list.

The name of the file into which the picture will be saved is formed automatically based on the parameters specified by the user. To specify these parameters, click the Change... button and select desired options in the opened File Naming Options dialog box. By default, the name of the field in the document structure will be used for the name of the file.

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