Value range constraints for text data type

In the Validation Settings dialog box, you can specify the value range constraints for text entered into the field.

Note: The program will treat as text type not only the data types with Text content, but also data types with other content for which the Process value as text option is selected.

  • Maximum length specify the maximum length of text in the field;
  • In the Content constraint field, select Regular expression from the list if a regular expression should be used to check field values.
    The button will help you to form a regular expression correctly. For details, see Alphabet used in regular expressions.
    To make error messages more readable, in the Regular expression description field, provide a description of the regular expressions that will be used in error messages.
  • In the Content constraint field, select Allowed values from the list if you need to specify a list of allowed values. To add a value, click Add... and enter the value. To edit a value, click Edit...; to delete a value, click Delete. To load possible values from a file, click Load...

    Working with allowed values

  • Select the Use external source of allowed values option if recognized values need checking in the list of admissible values from an external text file, a database or a data set. To specify the source of values, click the Edit... button. In this type of check the list of admissible value is not copied to the project and connection to the external source is carried out straight during the check.
  • Treat validation error as warning Select this option if you wish any non-compliance with the constraints you specified to be treated as a warning. Warnings do not prevent the Operator from sending documents to the next processing stage, while for uncorrected format errors, an additional confirmation from the Operator is required before sending.

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