Creating image import profiles

The Operator begins by adding new images to the project: these can be either hardcopy documents that need to be scanned, or existing electronic images.

Frequently repeated actions or adding images from the same source can be automated to enable import at the click of a button. To do this, create an image import profile. Additionally, you can configure the processing of incoming images and the periodic addition of images in background mode. Once the required settings have been configured, images will be scanned or imported from a preset source at the click of a button, and received images will be processed (for example, despeckled). If necessary, you can change the source of image import or its settings.

If import sources change frequently, you can create several import profiles and switch between them to avoid having to change import source settings all the time.

To add an import profile, click Project →Image Import Profiles... in the main program window. In the dialog box that opens you can create new import profiles and also edit, remove, and copy existing profiles.

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