Batch type tool settings

The Batch Type Tool Settings dialog allows you to configure handling certain events for all batch types. Tool settings apply to all batches irrespective of their types. Otherwise, the batch is processed in accordance with the settings specified for a given batch type.

To open the Batch Type Tool Settings dialog box, click the Edit tool... button on the General tab of the Project Properties dialog box. The dialog box that opens, contains the following settings:

Option Description
Event settings group
Add Event... button

Opens the Add Event dialog box where you choose an event to be handled.

To write the script processing this event, click the Edit Script... button.

Edit Script... button Opens the Script Editor where you can edit the script processing the selected event.
Delete button Removes the selected event from the list.
Skin settings group
Edit Skin... button Opens the Skin Settings dialog box where you can set up the appearance of the station.
Reset Skin button Resets skin settings to default.

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