Batch parameter change

What it does

The handler of this event can be used for formatting some of the batch properties.


  • Batch type (name of the batch type)
  • Batch name
  • Batch description
  • Value of the registration parameter
  • Batch priority (in form of a string). For the list of admissible values, see the description of the TProcessingPriority object.

When it is launched

The script is launched prior to changing a batch property.

Note: This script does not allow specifying a new value of the batch type.


Name Type Access Description
Batch IBatch Read-only. Internal* fields of batch documents and pages are unavailable. The batch whose property is being changed
PropertyModification IPropertyModificationInfo Read/write. Stores information on the property being changed. Allows substituting the set value.

* - The internal field requires loading the object into memory.

12.04.2024 18:16:02

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