Rescanning Tasks Dialog Box

In this dialog box, you can work with rescanning tasks: select a task, send processed tasks to verification, rejects tasks or send them to Exceptions and specify registration parameters names whose values will be displayed in the Batch info column. To open the dialog box, select Tools Rescanning Tasks... or press Alt+G.

The dialog displays the following information on the task: creation time, status, priority, batch registration parameters (batch info) and comment. The comment can be added by Verification Operator when sending the task to rescanning.

To add the Batch info, click the Batch Info... button and enter the names of the batch registration parameters. Their values will be displayed in the Batch info column divided by semi-colon. If a specified registration parameter is missing, its value will be empty.

Values from the Batch Info and Comment columns help the Operator to distinguish tasks.

The buttons on the right allow you to manage tasks:

Button Description
Select Opens a selected task and changes its status to "Selected".
Send Sends a processed task to ABBYY Verification Station.
Reject Task Rejects selected tasks.
To Exceptions... Sends selected tasks to Exceptions.
Batch Info... Opens the Batch info dialog, where you can add and delete batch registration parameters.
Close Closes the dialog box.

For more information, please see Rescanning Tasks.

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