Registration Parameters of Batches and Documents

Registration parameters are string properties used for identifying documents and batches. Examples of registration parameters include the date of scanning or the name of the scanning operator.

Registration parameters can be specified for batch types or for document types. For example, if you use one and the same type of batch to process different documents, you can create multiple document types with different registration parameters in that batch.

You can specify registration parameters either when you create a batch type or at a later time in the properties dialog box of an existing batch type. You can modify the registration parameters of batches and document types (if they are not read-only) on the Batch and Document tabs of the Registration Parameters dialog box.

The process of specifying registration parameters is the same for document types and for batch types, but for document types you will also have a choice of two different types of registration parameters — text or drop-down list.

An operator can be assigned to specify or check specific registration parameters of batches and documents when a new batch is created.

  • To specify registration parameters for the currently used batch type, open the Batch Type Properties dialog box, click the Batch Registration Parameters tab, and then click the New... button next to the list of registration parameters.

  • To specify registration parameters for document types, open the Batch Type Properties dialog box, click the Document Types tab, and click the Add... button next to the list of registration parameters.

In the Registration Parameter dialog box, type a name for the new registration parameter.

From the Type drop-down list, select a desired parameter type (this can be either Text or Drop-down list). From this point onward, the registration parameter settings available to you will depend on the parameter type you have selected.

Configuring registration parameters

Registration parameters of type "Text"

Registration parameters of type "Drop-down list"

Clicking the Import button on the Batch Registration Parameters tab of the Batch Type Properties dialog box will load the registration parameters specified for this batch type in your ABBYY FlexiCapture project.

When you import registration parameters once again:

  • Any registration parameters added manually will be preserved.
  • If an existing registration parameter has the same name as a registration parameter in your ABBYY FlexiCapture project, the parameter from the ABBYY FlexiCapture project and its settings will be used.
  • The imported registration parameters will be updated.
  • If a registration parameter was renamed on the Scanning Station, it will be preserved and the parameter from the ABBYY FlexiCapture project will be added once again.
  • If a registration parameter was renamed in the ABBYY FlexiCapture project, the old registration parameter will be removed from the Scanning Station and the new parameter will be imported.

You can also remove any registration parameter and modify the Required option for imported registration parameters.

Note. Values from an external source are updated only when you create a new batch type or when you edit an existing batch type.

The following options are available for registration parameters of both Text and Drop-down list types:

  • Required
    Indicates that the parameter must have a value. A batch with a required registration parameter cannot be exported unless registration parameter has a value.
  • Comment
    A comment for the registration parameter.

Note. Registration parameters can be imported from external sources (i.e. a TXT file or a database) and from TXT files simultaneously.

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