Batch Types

A batch type is a collection of settings that determine how images in batches of this type will be scanned, processed and exported.

If the Administrator creates multiple batch types, Operators of Scanning Stations will be able to choose which type to use when scanning a batch. If there is no need to apply specific settings to multiple batches, Operators can use the Unsorted batch type to process images using the default settings.

Batch types can be exported to an XML file that can be used to apply settings from these batch types on multiple Scanning Stations. This makes Administrating Scanning Stations much easier in cases where you do not want Operators to change image processing settings or need the quality and size of output files to meet specific standards.

You can download batch types on a Scanning Station by specifying the path to the XML file with settings.

A batch type determines how batches of this type should be processed. A batch type includes information about the scanning, image processing, and export options to be used. You can create, change, or delete batch types. Batch types can be exported to an XML file and passed on to other users. To be able to use a batch type created by another user, you must first import it into your application.

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