Batch Integrity

Batch type settings allow you to check the batch integrity. This is essential so that the program does not send batches that do not meet the specified conditions for processing.

The following parameters are checked:

  • Batch structure
    The system checks the type and number of documents in a batch if a user specified the structure for the batch type in the Document Types tab of the Batch Types Properties dialog box and enabled the Check document count option.
  • Batch Registration Parameters
    A check is run if a batch type has required registration parameters.
  • Page size and resolution
    A check is run if the respective parameters are specified in the Page Size Control tab of the batch type properties.

Batches are checked automatically before being sent for processing. A Scanning Station Operator may launch the check manually by selecting Check Batch Integrity in the batch context menu. As a result of the check, the system will show troubleshooting information that allows a user to fix any issues.

12.04.2024 18:16:02

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