Splitting by file size

To split a PDF document by file size, do the following:

  1. Use the PDF Editor to open the document and select Organize Pages > Split Document... in the main menu. Alternatively, navigate to the Organize Pages tab and click the button on the toolbar.
  2. In the dialog box that will open:
    1. Select Split method > By file size.
    2. Specify the File size, which is the maximum allowed file size for each new document.

      The specified file size should be less than the size of the original file.
      The size of the new document can turn out to be greater than the specified size depending on the contents of the PDF document (e.g. if the document contains a large number of images, fonts, interactive forms, etc.).
    3. Change the File name if needed. The names of all new documents are numerated at the end in order to keep them unique. Enable numeration before or after the name and specify the number of digits.

      E.g. the parameters "Name: Document, Numeration: After name, Number of digits: 3" will generate the following document names: Document001.pdf, Document002.pdf, Document003.pdf, etc.
      The name of the source document is used by default.
    4. Save the new documents to the source document folder or specify a different location.

      Attached files will be sent to a separate folder called Attachments in the same directory. Bookmarks are not retained in the new documents.
  3. Click Split.

Once the splitting has been finished, the folder containing the new files will open in a new window.

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