Keyword search

To carry out a keyword search, do the following:

  1. Click the tab in the pane on the left or click View > Search in the main menu to open the Search pane.
  2. In the Find what text field, type the word or phrase you want to find.
    Words or phrases that match your query will be highlighted in the document.
    The search results will be arranged into groups (by source: text, comments, or bookmarks) and you will be able to highlight the entire text group.
  3. If required, click the arrow next to the   icon and select any of the following:
    • Exact Match will find only words that are an exact match of the words you typed in the search box.
      E.g. searching for the word "correct" will not find words like "incorrectly" or "correction".
    • Match Case will find only words that match the capitalization in your query.
      E.g. searching for the word "Editor" will not find words like "editor" or "EDITOR".

You can highlight, cross out, and underline search hits in the text. To do this, select the appropriate words in the search results and click the respective tool (highlight, cross out, or underline).
This will create comments in the PDF document and will also mark any changes that will need to be made to the source document. This will not affect your PDF document's text itself.

To change the color used for text markup, click the arrow next to the respective tool and select the desired color on the color palette that appears.

To navigate to the next/previous search hit, use the buttons. You can also select the next search result by pressing F3.

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