Printing PDF documents

The PDF Editor allows you to print PDF documents. Before printing, please make sure your computer has a local or network printer connected to it and that the drivers for the printer are installed.

  1. Click the button on the toolbar in the Document tab or click File > Print....
  2. In the dialog box that opens, specify desired printing settings:
    • Printer - Select one of the available printing devices.
    • Copies - Specify the number of copies to be printed.
    • Pages to print - Specify the pages to be printed (you can choose to print all of the pages, selected pages or a range of pages).
    • Page setup - Specify paper size and orientation.
    • Scaling and position - Specify the number of document pages to place on one printed page and other printing settings, such as scaling and positioning.
    • Comments and markup - Select the appropriate action from the list to print comments and markups. To view all comments in the document, click Show Comments....
    • Manually print on both sides - Select this option if you use duplex printing.
    • Black and white - Select this option if you want to print your document in black and white.
  1. Click Print.

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