Inserting and editing pictures

The PDF Editor allows you to insert pictures into PDF documents of any type.

  1. On the toolbar in the Edit Content tab, click the button or select Edit Content > Add Picture... in the main menu.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, select a picture and click Open.
  3. Move the picture to the desired location on the page.

You can move, rotate, delete, and resize pictures. When you move a picture, it may overlap with other objects on the page. To bring an overlapping picture to the foreground, right-click it and select Bring Picture to Front.

To delete a picture:

  • To delete a picture in a PDF document created in another application, right-click the picture and click Delete on the shortcut menu.
  • You can delete a part of the document image and anything that it may contain, including pictures. To do this, click the tool on the toolbar in the Security tab and select the area you want to erase.

The Erase tool deletes pictures and text, automatically selecting the appropriate background color to fill the empty space.

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